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Have you ever experienced true fear? Have you ever had your mind twisted so much that you don’t know whats real and what’s not? If the zombies came would you panic or would you be switched on enough to survive?

“The Dead Walking” is a zombie scenario that will take you on a trip whilst messing with your head – NO PAINTBALL GUNS in sight, just you, your buddies and your wits. Two hours of pure interactive theatre that will keep you guessing right up to the end. Think ‘Blair Witch Project’ mixed with ‘WWZ’.

Not for the faint hearted (age restricted to 16 and over) – ‘The Dead Walking’ is for the true thrill seekers in life, the ‘Experience’ connoisseurs who like to try something a little bit different. We’ve teamed up with the famous Nimba Creations who provide prosthetics and special effects for many of your favourite shows to give you just that.

To experience your own night of the living dead


The Apocalypse is upon us. As resources run low mankind maintains possession of two vital weapons in the war to restore a new world order. The first is hope. The second is ………………you.


We’re gonna put you in there………….. and hope to god that you get out.


£35 per person

Price increase on September 1st to £40

Book a group of 10 or more for £30 per person

Session Times

5pm – 7pm

6pm – 8pm

7pm -9pm