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Family Lasertag

Lasertag is family friendly fun for ages 8 upwards. There’s absolutely no issues at all with playing adults and kids together although we sometimes have to tell Mum and Dad to stop taking it so seriously…. they just get so into it. Wildwoodz Lasertag is already an adventure the kids enjoy but more and more adults are now having an experience to remember by joining forces and having a proper family day out. It comes highly recommended as one of the most fun family things you can do – come and see for yourselves.

Encounter shared sensations you’ll be laughing about for weeks afterwards and book a Wildwoodz Family Lasertag session as your next thing to do – together. Join in a birthday party or have a special day out with friends and relatives of all ages – It’s hard to beat.

Can’t get the whole family together? You could always join a Wildwoodz School Holiday Activity Day.

If you’ve already experienced Wildwoodz Lasertag why not try Wildwoodz Paintball / Wildwoodz Archery / Wildwoodz Bushcraft / Wildwoodz Axe Throwing / Wildwoodz Laser Clays


Session start and finish times are flexible and are subject to availability. 1.5 hour and 2.5 hour sessions available.


If you have a group of 10 people or over and 50% of participants are under 16 you can book one of our kids party sessions here >>

For all other groups of 8 persons or over

Sharpshooter Session          (1.5 Hours on site – Unlimited Ammo)   £19.99pp

Battlestar Session                 (2.5 Hours on site – Unlimited Ammo)   £24.99pp


Please Note: Our on-line booking system has booking deadlines which can sometimes be over ruled by our office staff  – if you can’t book it on-line please ring.

Suggested add-on activity: Try Archery or Axe Throwing as well.