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Laser Clays

Wildwoodz Laser Clays is the high tech version of standard clay shooting.
Our deactivated shotguns have been converted to fire an invisible laser beam at a reflective clay launched from a real clay trap. The electronic scoreboard system allows us to pitch 5 shooters against each other at the same time and measure all the stats from highest score all the way down to fastest hit. Trophies for the victors are provided at the end of your session.

Laser Clays is a real team activity for groups of all abilities. As there is no recoil from the gun, nor loud bangs when the trigger is pulled, it’s also a much gentler way to try shooting, & accordingly is more readily accessible & attractive to people that may be nervous of the idea of handling a traditional live shotgun, & also people of slighter build & younger years. We suggest a minimum age of 10-11 years for a full session, but younger children can easily try a few shots as part of a larger session.


Wildwoodz Laser Clays is only available Monday – Friday and session times will last 1-2 hours depending on the size of your group. Subject to availability.


£37.50 per person (minimum 10 people) £35.00 when booked as an add-on activity.

 Suggested add-on activity – Why not try Laser Clays along with Archery or Axe Throwing.