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Wildwoodz for Kids

Wildwoodz is the perfect place to bring kids. As the ONLY visit Scotland 5 – star rated Paintball Activity centre in the highlands you can’t choose better. If it’s a birthday party, school group, sports club outing or an activity day with friends – we’ll take care of you.

Pick an activity that suits your group.

PAINTBALL. You need to be 11 and at secondary school or 12 to play paintball at Wildwoodz. If you’re not quite there yet you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Once you’re old enough to play the most requested activity by under 16’s, Wildwoodz won’t disappoint you. It’ll be Epic.

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LASERTAG. At ages 8 and upwards (sometimes 7 by prior arrangement), Lasertag is our most popular kids party activity and end of primary school bash. You get multiple lives and medic respawns to help you and your team through your missions. But you may not need them. Best day out ever.

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ARCHERY. Shooting a bow is awesome – hitting a gold is better. For ages 8 and over Wildwoodz Archery is one of those activities everybody loves. The thrill of a bullseye or the popping of a balloon when it matters is hard to beat. All the greatest heroes can shoot a bow. Can you?

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BUSHCRAFT. What’s that? Bushcraft is all the things you want to learn how to do in the woods but have never had the chance before. Could you build a waterproof den or shelter? Can you light a fire without matches? Set a trap? Get down and dirty with a boys (and girls) own day out. Ages 8 and up.

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AXE THROWING. Yes you heard us right. Axe throwing is a great add on activity for kids aged 11+. Please note – It’s dangerous so we expect perfect behaviour.

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LASER CLAYS. If you’re aged 11+ then competitive Laser Clays will be something you’ll want to try. It’s high tech clay shooting with an edge. With 5 of you shooting at the same time our computer scores fastest hits, most accurate and more. Who will take home the trophy?

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If you can’t get a group together – Paintball, Lasertag, Archery and Bushcraft can all be done as School Holiday Activities